Meet Julianne Mureau

Hello Lovelies! and Gentleman ( if you have come to explore )

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Come and meet my tribe! I have 5 incredible children. Yes, I have been busy all these years. I must admit, this is a photo from 6 years ago, but I love it! It's a good memory photo for many reasons. This photo was from a time where I started from scratch after leaving a domestic violent relationship and divorce and it was the beginning of my own REAL journey back to me. 

I just want to be real with you and I trust that its all good with you :)

I started out on my own journey of healing about 17 years ago and it has been a journey! It was REALLY since 2011 I started the inner journey back to me. It wasn't without hardship or troubles, in fact it was a lot of that. I suffered from incredible low self esteem, co- dependence, emotional abuse, rejection, abandonment, and grief. I am happy to report I love the space I am in these days. I have done extensive inner work and now I get to be me and get to help others on their journey to where ever it is they want to go. 

Would I change it all, what I went through? No, without my journey, I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't be working with amazing women like yourself. If I had known what I know now, Who Knows! but I love where I am, what I am doing and where I am going. 

 Now as a Creative Therapist and Coach, I get to live and breathe the 2 things I love doing, facilitating healing and empowering women to be all they want to be and can be. The beautiful thing about this, its the honor and privilege of sharing your journey and be part of your healing path. 

I like who I have become and I stand empowered in my own healing process. Stay tuned as I will update my photos as I go along. I trust that you have found value here at Imagine then Arise and it has inspired you to reach out and start your journey back to you. Xo