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The wonder of Curiosity

Remember that time?


Kids are sooo good at this! 

They explore their world with open eyes, ears to hear, things to touch, places to go, conversations to be had, all the while with 'Not a care in the world'.

I remember the days of walking through the eroded channels of my childhood farm looking for any sign of treasures. Usually the treasures I would find were bones from some poor animal that died in there. Never a less, they were some of my favourite memories as a child.

I love thinking about these times as it serves to remind me that life is short, time flies and there is no going back. But there is one thing I can take away, and that's my childlike curiosity into my daily life. 

Sometimes I find that life experiences and conditionings for our society, tribal cycles, schools, trauma etc can suppressed some of the fundamental core needs to continue to grow and develop our curiosity into adult life. Which is really sad. 

How do we lose it and not really realise we lost it?

The gradualism of things creeps over time, conditioning us to think a certain way, to conform to everyone else and the systems. Before we know, we are not that 6 year old, but 45 -50 years wondering what had happened?

Whether its the slow transition of a mind mapping process initiated by outside influences or trauma that perhaps put a abrupt end to the curiosity, there is a way back :) 

You dont have to live in the space your in, whether that be -too serious, angry, resentful, or any other feelings you may be stuck in. Just being curious is a great way to start getting back to some things that have been lost. 

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