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Hello Beautiful

Welcome to my page! My name is Julianne Mureau and I am so glad you stopped by!

Imagine then Arise was born some time ago when the need to arise into my own true self was calling my name. Having gone through some personal struggles of my own, I am passionate about helping women find their true self and protential.  

Now perhaps your hearing the whispers to step into your authentic self.

I am super proud to bring to you some unique processes to overcome barriers such as fears, judgement, anxiety, shame, rejection, not good enough, unworthness, abandonment, grief, hate, resentment, depression, sadness and other unlimiting beliefs and emotional blocks that are not serving you well.

I love to work with and empower women, because we are beautiful, complex and intricate beings and we deserve some special times to care for the way we are. 

Here you will find a  safe space to explore your world. Be free to move around and reach out when your ready. I look forward to meeting  you!

Products and Services


YOU and ME together- Ultimate You Quest Journey

If your ready to enter a journey of self awareness and discovery that will positively transform your life, then this is for you. Here is a deep dive into understanding why you do what you do, and how patterns and behaviours are playing out in your life. 

Invest in you

Self paced Ultimate You online program

6 Beautiful self love modules to take you in your time on a journey of deep discovery of who you are and the unique I am-ness that you hold. 

This is your time to start really unpacking those conditionings and start living on your own terms. 


The Journey to You Coaching

It's all about YOU!

Maybe its just a mindset that's holding you back and you want to exlpore some clarity around things to propel you into the direction you want to go. 

Individual and block time coaching sessions are available 


Blog posts


Julianne has such a beautiful and gentle presence. She has helped me overcome some very personal challenges I didn't even know were impacting on my every day life. Since working with Julianne the relationship with myself, my partner and also my relationship with food has shifted dramatically. Seriously so amazing!!! Thank you Julianne :)

Caddy Jackson

Wow !! Julianne...I am really excited for my future that you are coaching me towards. Before having you coaching me, I was just marking time, and with your guidance and fun way of inspiring me to get my rear into gear, I can now see a very bright happy and prosperous time ahead of me. Thank you for our fun coaching sessions.

Eloise Anderson

I would sincerely like to thank Julieanne from Beautiful Strong Women from the bottom of my heart for helping me release some on my most paralysing emotional baggage through the Creatrix Process. If you want to live your life without limitations I highly recommend contacting Julianne.

Natalie Turner

My experience with Julianne was transformative. I am a different woman and i am NOW the REAL ME. She helped me to release some emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. Her approach is warm, kind and respectful. She likes to go fast to get us on the other side. Thank you Julianne. You are such a role model as the strong woman you are,

Magali Gendre

Wow! Julieanne is all over it! She gets YOU and she can take you to the other side of your blocks. Julieanne has the patience, understanding, strength and what it takes, including being a role model, so you can trust her. Julieanne herself experienced a breakthrough so she's got rid of her blocks so she can be the clean vessel to get you through to your outcomes. I highly recommend Julieanne.

Marilyn Maz Schirmer

Julianne has a most sincere and reassuring approach to her work as a facilitator. I had emotional blocks that prevented me from moving forward towards my life goals. I had tried many things over the years to no avail. The result was amazing. I'm no longer hampered by those pesky, negative thoughts and life is great again. Thanks so much Julianne.

Kim Feuerriegel

I came to Julianne with some huge blockages and limiting beliefs and by the end of my experience with her, I was a totally different woman! Thankyou Julianne for your warm and genuine approach. You really helped put me at ease.

Elizabeth Marson

Julianne helped me overcome blocks related to my business. It was amazing to hear the inner guidance she helped me connect with, some of it being surprising! It was a delightful and easy process too. Julianne has a warm, welcoming and fun presence. She makes you feel immediately at ease while still getting down to business.

Katy Isobel